Sustainable development

As a responsible company, the SIFCA Group contributes to the development of its host regions. In order to do so, it implements socio-economic initiatives that aim to improve the lives and working conditions of its employees, as well as that of the surrounding communities. The preservation of the environment is also a key concern for the Group.

Our Strategic Axes

The SIFCA Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is divided into 4 strategic axes, broken into 10 priority points.


Ethical Governance

SD Governance and Steering of Strategic Decisions
Business Ethics and Responsible Purchasing
Integration of the SD Expectations of Customers and Consumers

Employment & Working Conditions

Working Conditions
Fairness in workers
Living Environment of Employees

Preservation of the Environment

Climate Change and Deforestation
Water Management and Treatment
Waste Management

Community and Social Innovation

Social Inclusion and Community Development