SD Governance and Integration into Strategic Decisions

Business Ethics and Responsible Purchasing

Integration of New SD Expectations from Customers and Consumers


The collaborative work and the show of responsibility by our employees have enabled us to develop sustainable business practices and maintain dynamic growth. The profit created by our company is redistributed to all our stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Thus, the financial management of the SIFCA Group, in accordance with good governance, allows our employees to benefit from remuneration and social benefits enabling them to maintain a decent living standard. It also enables us to carry out social projects, in order to improve the living environment of the surrounding local communities.

The optimal management of village plantations thanks to our technical assistance and the efficient management of our raw material costs allows us to manage and support more than 72,000 private farmers covering a total planted area of nearly 450,000 ha. The purchase of raw materials from our private farmers generates a constant income for them and thus improves their living standard.