Working Conditions

Equal Treatment from all Workers

Improving the Living Environment of Employees


The SIFCA Group's main priority is to preserve the health and safety of its 31,000 employees, both women and men, that contribute daily to our position as an industry leader. This is the motivation behind the string of social investments made by SIFCA to offer a decent living environment, at its integrated agricultural units, that includes access to housing, electricity, potable water, education and quality health care for its employees and their families.

Additionally, 100% of the employees have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) adapted to their job profiles.




Pre-schools and primary schools built/renovated at the Group's sites


Secondary schools (2 middle schools and 1 high school) built the Group's sites

+26 000

Students enrolled (69% from surrounding communities and +48% girls)


School canteens


Average pass rate for the Certificate of Primary and Elementary Studies (CEPE)

2 000

Excellence kits distributed each year

In the field of education, the Group's 127 pre-schools, primary and secondary schools currently provide schooling for more than 26,000 children, including the children of our employees, but also those from the surrounding local communities. A strong commitment from the Group actively contributes to the fight against child labour. We also encourage excellence by rewarding the top three students in our schools each year.
Canteen of the Toupah Modern Middle School
Distribution of school kits in Blidouba Iboké
Irobo Library
Distribution of school kits in Bongo
Zuénoula Modern Secondary School
Zuénoula Modern Secondary School



Health facilities available to our employees at our sites


Medical staff (doctors, nurses, midwives, nursing assistants, etc.)



+30 000

Consultations / year (including 40% from surrounding communities)

17 000

prenatal consultations / year (over 56% from surrounding communities)

+2 500

births (including +55% from the communities)

As health remains a priority for our Group, all our employees and their families benefit from health insurance coverage and the availability of an occupational physician. On each Integrated Agricultural Unit, SIFCA has medical and social centres, health dispensaries, maternity wards, and sectional infirmaries available to employees and surrounding communities. Several investments have been made in our health establishments, in order to renovate the equipment and improve the quality of services. It should also be noted that the SIFCA Group, through numerous awareness and screening campaigns, expresses its commitment to the fight against malaria, HIV- AIDS and cancers every year.
Medical and Social Centre of Borotou-Koro
Screening for high blood pressure in Zuénoula
Ehania Health Centre
Cancer screening for women in Ehania