Editorial by the Directors of the SIFCA Group


"Let’s grow" is more than a slogan for us, it’s a leitmotiv for the SIFCA Group.


Since 2007, we have been fully committed to using a sustainable approach in all of our sectors, because clean and harmonious development in our regions is essential to the survival of our activities.


Since 1964, we have been working to perpetuate the values of Responsibility, Ethics and Quality. These human values that make up the DNA of our company and that have guided our strategy for more than 50 years.

Our mission, which is to develop, process and sales semi-finished and finished products, places us throughout the entire value chain of our agricultural commodities. Thus, to meet the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders, who are increasingly concerned about the impact of our activities on people and the environment, we must constantly improve our working practices and processes.


The SIFCA Group has become a major leader in its sector of activity, with a large part of its turnover due to the performance of its subsidiaries spread out over 6 countries and, more specifically, to the contributions from all its employees. We have a duty to be exemplary and transparent towards our various stakeholders (employees, communities, economic partners, administration, NGOs, etc.), both on a social and environmental level.


We must ensure that this development follows a common strategy while integrating progress objectives. This is why our Sustainable Development approach is subject to internal and external verification and continuous improvement. It is based on the 3 fundamental pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Economy : As the company's wealth must be shared, we share this value to our key partners, such as the local farmers, from whom we buy the raw materials and the local communities to whom we offer employment. To do this, we must constantly be efficient by producing quality products, maximizing our production capacity and improving the yield of our plantations.

Social : Respecting people is a key value of our Group. That’s why we maintain a permanent social dialogue with our stakeholders. First, with our 33,000 employees who are essential for us. We pay particular attention to them by carrying-out multiple actions aimed at improving their conditions (a fair remuneration policy, social coverage for their families, a career and mobility plan, etc.). Then, with the communities living around our sites, as we have a responsibility to develop and to improve their living conditions through the construction of social infrastructures (schools, health care centers, etc.) for the harmonious development of the regions that host us.

Environment : It’s important for us to preserve the environment, because without animals and plants, we would not survive! Since 2011, the SIFCA Group has embarked on a continuous improvement approach that aims to deploy sustainable practices by reducing waste and optimizing fossil resource consumption. The protection and preservation of biodiversity is a priority for us. We have reaffirmed our commitment to the preservation of the environment through the implementation of a "Zero Deforestation" policy since 2017.

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, solidarity has never been as important as it is now. As a family business and a corporate citizen, our Group is fully committed to participating in the national response alongside its stakeholders. Indeed, the SIFCA Group expressed strong solidarity for these women and men without whom our success would not be possible. Although this pandemic has had a strong impact on our activities, we are coping and adapting to maintain our level of performance. This journey for improved performance is demonstrated by the continued development of our agro-industrial activities and the sustainability of our actions for the benefit of our employees and our local communities.



In order to improve and consolidate our leadership in the West African region, we continue to support all our employees to come together to reach these objectives while welcoming their commitment to serve and support the SIFCA Group in the development of its activities. Our strategy, implemented within the framework of simple and clear governance, ensures a high level of transparency with our shareholders. We will continue to build on this momentum with the ambition of always doing better to satisfy all our stakeholders.