For the SIFCA Group, performance and quality go hand in hand. This is why all our subsidiaries are committed to using ISO certified approaches. These certifications allow us to improve our performance and to provide our customers with an assurance on the quality of our products and processes.


ISO 9001 (2015): Quality Management

ISO 9001 defines the criteria for a quality management system. Using ISO 9001 ensures that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, with attractive business benefits in return.


ISO 14001 (2015): Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is a standard applied to environmental management systems to address the environmental concerns of consumers. It seeks to continuously improve a company's environmental performance by limiting its impact on the environment in which it operates. The ISO 14001 standard defines the characteristic elements of an efficient and environment-friendly company management system.


ISO 45001 (2018): Occupational Health and Safety Management

ISO 45001 is the new ISO standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). It is developed for organisations that want to improve the safety of their employees, reduce workplace risks and create better and safer working conditions.


FOOD CERTIFICATIONS: a guarantee of quality for consumers

In order to guarantee to consumers, the absolute best quality and traceability of the products, standards have been developed to meet these requirements.