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August 21st 2020 - SAPH hands over several social projects to the riverside communities of Bettié, Bongo, Toupah, Rapides-Grah and Singrobo

SAPH, an Ivorian subsidiary of SIPH Group has organized from May to August 2020 several large actions on its sites of ... [Read]

July 25th, 2020 - Reforestation: Bongo, one of SAPH sites, hosts the launch of the

Bongo, the Integrated Farm Unit of SAPH, the Ivorian subsidiary of SIPH Group, located in the department of Alépé ... [Read]

April 29th 2020 - The SIFCA Foundation fully committed besides rural communities against COVID-19

In order to allow rural communities to fully commit to the national fight against COVID-19, the SIFCA Foundation ... [Read]


GREL, subsidiary of SIFCA, inaugurated a new factory located in Tsibu. [Read]

December 9th 2019 - EDF, Meridiam and Biokala have signed a concessioncontract with the Côte d'Ivoire Government for the largest biomass power plant in West Africa

EDF, Meridiam and Biokala (subsidiary of the SIFCAGroup), throughtheir joint venture company BIOVEA Energie ... [Read]

October 13th 2014 - Liberia: Cavalla Rubber, Maryland County Oil Palm Donate Ebola Gears

Maryland County — As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Management of Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation on October 10, 2014 [Read]

August 14th 2014 - Sifca Says Exports of Rubber From Liberia Halted on Ebola

Sifca Group, an Ivory Coast agribusiness company, said its exports of rubber from Liberia have been halted as a result of the closing of land borders, a step meant to [Read]