Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Alassane DOUMBIA
Chairman of the Board of the Foundation

After 50 years contributing to the harmonious development of rural areas and the well-being of communities through numerous social actions, SIFCA Group decided to go even further in its commitments by launching its own Foundation on December 13th 2014, in the heart of Parc National du Banco (Banco National Park).

Becoming a non-profit association since January 27th, 2016, the FOUNDATION essentially targets the populations located around the 22 West African sites of SIFCA Group. It is mainly subsidized by the Group and its subsidiaries SAPH, PALMCI, SANIA and SUCRIVOIRE and it receives other support from development partners on specific rural projects or any other support that can enable it to do better.

SIFCA Group, which is aware of these challenges and has extensive experience in social and environmental responsibility with its employees and village communities, has now shifted to a much more comprehensive and even more ambitious approach with the integration of sub-regional sites.

Through our Foundation, we thus think to contribute to:
- Curb rural exodus
- Improve the well-being of rural populations, especially women and children;
- Preserve the environment and biodiversity.

For the next few years, SIFCA Foundation will contribute even more in the rural world for the happiness of the communities.