The Board of Directors (BD) is the strategic decision-making body of the Foundation. It determines the annual budget, the projects to be deployed and sets strategic orientations. It is chaired by a PCA. It brings together the founding members, the internal directors and the external directors represented by external personalities recognized for their expertise and commitment. (2 meetings per year)

The Management Committee (MC) validates the list of projects to be submitted to the Board and ensures the implementation of its decisions. It brings together representatives of the subsidiaries and the strategic divisions of the Holding. (4 meetings per year)

The General Secretariat (GS) is the operational body of the Foundation. Here are its main missions:

  • Facilitating and orienting the general policy of the Foundation
  • Coordinating all activities of the Foundation
  • Ensuring the execution of the decisions of the MC, BD, and GA
  • Supervising the functioning of the Foundation
  • Providing overall administration and management of the Foundation's activities and assets
  • Initiating, proposing and analyzing projects
  • Supervising the implementation and monitoring of projects
  • Preparing and convening meetings of the Foundation's bodies