The Mimos SIFCOM Academics sensitised on hygiene

The Mimos SIFCOM Academics sensitised on hygiene

On Thursday February 20th 2020, the Mimos Sifcom Academics were visited by a delegation of the SIFCA Foundation, led by its Secretary General, Mrs. Henriette GOMIS-BILLON. On the agenda: awareness on the theme of hygiene.

During four hours, the SIFCA Foundation, supported by Dr. Sangare, the academy physician, and the  Medical Network of SIFCA (REMED) represented by Doctor Beda addressed the young sportsmen on the necessity to maintain a good level of body and environmental hygiene to improve their wellbeing and their physical performances.

A rich moment to which Green Countries and Kazonature, partners of SIFCA, shared their experience and encouraged their audience to participate in recovering the academy’s household waste.

Next steps will be taken in the following weeks to see what type of waste management ideas they have come up with.

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