Strategic Alliances



Since 2008, SIFCA, in its oilseed sector, has benefited from its joint venture with two global players of the industry, OLAM and WILMAR. This has allowed the creation of NAUVU, now a 100% WILMAR’s Joint-Venture, which supports the Group through its technical and organizational know-how, from the exploitation of palm oil plantations to the marketing of refined palm oil.



In 2002, SIFCA entered into a strategic partnership with the world's leading tire industry, MICHELIN, which brings its experience and technical expertise in the field of rubber plantations and the processing of natural rubber.



In order to make the Ivorian sugar industry more competitive, the Mauritian Group TERRA has been providing its expertise to SIFCA for 21 more than 20 years in the development of sugar cane plantations, the production facilities and the processing of cane sugar.