4th edition of « la Journée du planteur PALMCI » : AKA Abli elected AS de la Palme 2022

4th edition of « la Journée du planteur PALMCI » : AKA Abli elected AS de la Palme 2022

La Journée du Planteur PALMCI” took place on Friday, November 11th, 2022, celebrating the best players in the PALMCI agricultural ecosystem (farmers, cooperative societies, transporters) in BOUNOUA for the year 2022.

Mr. AKA Abli Mathieu, a planter from the southern Comoé region, has been named “AS de la palme 2022”.

He received a 4x4 type NAVARA vehicle as a super prize. The 2nd and 3rd place winners each left with a tricycle and agricultural equipment.

La Journée du Planteur PALMCI” is an opportunity to bring together farmers, to mobilize them around social, technical and environmental issues that PALMCI commits to, but also to seize opportunities to develop orchards and the improve productivity.

This is the meaning of the panel which brought together, on the same stage, large planters, managers and agricultural experts around the theme "the Ivorian palm oil sector facing the challenges of food security". The goal is to identify thoughts aimed at contributing and enriching proposals, for the fight for food sovereignty in the ECOWAS and UEMOA zones.

The Regional Prefect and all the members of the prefectural body of the South-Comoé region, the King of BONOUA and his notability , the mayor of BONOUA, Mr. Jean-Baptiste AMETHIÉ, the SIFCA Group MD, Mr. Pierre Billon, the PALMCI MD , Mr. Christophe KOREKI, the SANIAMD , Mr. COULIBALY Lancina, the BAS-CAVALY Integrated Farm Unit Directors as well as the ones from IROBO-BOUBO, TOUMANGUIE and EHANIA, the Rubber Palm Oil Council were alongside actors of the palm sector and farmers from the whole palm oil production areas

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