PALMCI's CSR performance

PALMCI's CSR performance

From June 15th to 18th, 2021, PALMCI inaugurated several social infrastructures worth 222,000,000 FCFA for the benefit of the riverside populations of the IFUs of Neka and Iboke.

In the sector of education, we officially offered three (03) classrooms to the DJEKA Public Primary School to facilitate access to education for the children of the village.

In Mané, a village located over 10 km from the IFU of Iboke, we handed over two teaching accommodation, entirely funded by the land tax paid by PALMCI to the communities.

PALMCI also rehabilitated the access bridges to the villages of Mané and Dehié. Grateful for these gestures of mutual aid, the communities baptized these bridges with the names of the founders of SIFCA Group.

The official hand-over of these infrastructures took place in presence of administrative and customary authorities, the Director of Communication and Sustainable Development of the Group, Ms. Henriette GOMIS BILLON, the Director of the integrated farm unit, Mr. Sékongo Moussa, and his collaborators.