SAPH - Recycling for Education!

SAPH - Recycling for Education!

On February 12th, 2021, the SAPH Integrated Farm Unit of Bongo officially received its first library, benefiting the children of employees and surrounding communities.

Worth a total of 5,564,500 FCFA, this library with four (4) computers and a capacity of 10 places in rotation, was entirely built from the recovery and recycling of the factory’s waste (pallet bottoms, used tires, biomass), in accordance with SAPH's commitments to sustainability and respect for the environment.

The reception of this space of escape and learning for the children of Bongo, took place in presence of Mrs. Henriette Gomis Billon, SIFCA Director of Communication and Sustainable Development, the DUAI of Bongo and representatives’ teachers.


Let’s grow for Education