PALMCI donates a bridge to the population of Kongodjan

PALMCI donates a bridge to the population of Kongodjan

As part of the reinforcement policy of its social activities on behalf of village communities, Palmci has initiated a major rehabilitation project on the road to Kongodjan  along with palm oil farmer cooperatives of Ehania Tanoe. This project includes 23 kilometers of heavy reprofiling, 03 kilometers of rehabilitation, 7 bus passages, and mainly the construction of a permanent semi bridge.

With a global cost of about 42 million FCFA, this project aims at relieving the 1600 inhabitants of the village of Kongodjan, who generate a production of 1 500 tones of palm oil bunches.

Palmci delivered the project on Saturday September 7th, 2019 to the populations in presence of the sub prefect of Noé ; of King Nanan Klouthci 4th and custom chiefs ; of Mrs Henriette Gomis-Billon representing SIFCA Group, and of the IFU Directeur of Ehania and his staff

The happy inhabitants firmly committed to deliver their full production to Palmci. The ceremonie ended with a cocktail.