SIFCA Foundation rewards excellence in Geupleu

SIFCA Foundation rewards excellence in Geupleu

The SIFCA Foundation rewarded Excellence, on Saturday, July 21st, in the village of Gueupleu (Department of Man), at the request of an employee of SUCRIVOIRE, son of the region.

This ceremony, which took place in the presence of the administrative and religious authorities of the region, was an opportunity for Mr. DION Timothé, project leader, to encourage the youth to seek Excellence in everyday life.

Mrs. Henriette GOMIS-BILLON, General Secretary of the SIFCA Foundation, encouraged students to draw inspiration from successful models such as Mr DION, whose project was chosen because of his great professionalism and the relevance of his project.

For information, the "My Home Foundation" project, initiated by the SIFCA Foundation, aims to encourage rural development initiatives carried out by the Group's employees.

SIFCA Foundation, let's grow for the rural world!