SAPH: 2020 General Assembly

SAPH: 2020 General Assembly

The SAPH’s General Assembly took place on October 27th at the Azalai Hotel for the year 2019. This year, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, this unavoidable meeting of our shareholders and trustees was held online thanks to the technical operator « Quorum en ligne ». An innovating method allowing our shareholders to :

-Consult information regarding the General Assembly on the technical plateform
-Participate to the meeting through an electronic sign up
-Vote safely and descritely
-Follow the meeting by live video-conference.

With a participation of 76.36%, this meeting started with a speech by CEO Mr Jean-Louis BILLON, that was then followed by an overview of the year 2019 and an announcement of the perspectives for 2020.

The meeting ended with an exchange with the shareholders, who accepted all the resolutions suggested.